MJER Help is lucky to have the support of our wonderful clients.  We have grown primarily through referrals since our inception.  We love your kind emails and handwritten notes!

MJER Help was an amazing experience. I know they do great work for catering and family meal prep, but I used their services for just myself. If you’re a busy professional and want a healthy alternative to take-out or cooking for one, MJER Help is a great option! They are very flexible and will allow you to customize to your needs and schedule. Other services have more rigid structures with a set number of entrees/portions and add-on fees for sides. MJER Help just keeps it simple by asking what you need and delivering exactly that. You can be more hands on and select your own menu for the week or you can leave it to them to plan everything out. Either way, you will find MJER Help to be a friendly, curated, high-quality. Enjoy! - Ameeth
We hired Michelle and Tony to cater a baby shower for my sister-in-law. Everything about the process was effortless. She helped me craft the perfect menu and executed it beautifully. I have hosted dozens of parties and showers— never have I had so many people rave about the food! It was beautiful, fresh, local, and most importantly— DELICIOUS! I can’t recommend her enough. If you’re planning a party, looking to make healthy weekly eating easier, or just want to treat yourself— Call Michelle! - Kasey
Michelle and Tony have been incredibly accommodating and helpful with helping me deal with my hormonal condition (PCOS). Their meals are always delicious and super healthy and they always go above and beyond to make my life as easy as possible. My symptoms are incredibly improved since they started cooking for me! Would recommend their services to anyone! - Janice
We love having MJER Help for company breakfasts and catered events! They are continuously coming up with new ideas to please our growing office and are accommodating towards our very diverse food preferences and requests. Walking into the office to the smell of breakfast cooking and their smiling enthusiastic attitudes is the best way anyone could ask to start the day!

We used MJER Help for the appetizers at our 130-person event back in April and they were AWESOME. They were so accommodating and worked within our budget and catered to all of the dietary restrictions we were concerned about. We suggested a “Chicago theme” and when we told Michelle this idea, she was so excited and really hit the ground running with amazing ideas. She made up an extensive powerpoint of fun ways to incorporate our theme into the food, that we could choose from. We ended up having mini deep dish pizzas, Italian beef sandwiches and a few other adorable selections. All of the food was great. We would definitely use MJER Help again! - Blitsy
MJER Help certainly lived up to their name! Their food was delicious, fair priced, and attractively presented. Our only regret is not having taken credit for it when our guests repeatedly complemented us. We cannot recommend them enough! - Ashley & Jeremy
Good morning! Wow what a fun party that was last night. You guys did an absolutely amazing job with the food. I wanted to text you guys 100 times last night to tell you but the people kept coming! Everyone loved the food. There was not much left at the end. I particularly loved the salami. I think I ate a pound of it! The charcuterie tray exceeded my expectations!! My dad was very impressed. He’s from Brooklyn NY and he loved it. I’m so happy you made enough that we didn’t run out too, I was worried about that and I think we had the perfect amount with just a few leftovers. One thing I loved the best were the signs you guys made. I loved them. All the food was displayed very well. It looked very professional. My mom told me this morning that she had so many comments about the food-how lovely everything was. Oh another thing I loved was the strawberry tray. Wow did that look good. I almost didn’t want anyone to eat any of it BC it looked so good. The popcorn bar turned out great too! All the kids at the party loved that one. And my sister requested to take home the left overs. Overall, I personally think we had a successful party. Of the 107 people who RSVP’d only 7 didn’t come. So we had a great turn out. And thanks to all your hard work, people really enjoyed themselves. Thank you SO much for all your hard work!!!! The food was delicious! - Alec & Scott
With my daughter’s 1st birthday coming up, I knew I wanted to throw a party but felt so overwhelmed at where to start and how to get everything planned and executed in time! Luckily Shelley and Tony were here to help every step of the way. They helped provide party ideas and choices for everything from menu to decorations to goodie bags. My daughter has food allergies and they cooked and baked everything to perfection. The day of, they arrived early to set up and manned the food and drinks during our event, while also taking pictures for us and passing out games and goodie bags. Our friends were so impressed—everyone complimented them on a job well done and we were so appreciative of their help! They worked hard to make sure the event was stress-free and we couldn’t have been happier. Thank you Shelley and Tony for helping to create such a wonderful event for our family and friends! - Phyllis & Rich
MJER Help provided us with a fantastic service! They were creative, within budget and, most importantly, delivered delicious dishes. Tony and Shelley are an amazing team. We highly recommend them for your next party! - Liz & Aldo