We are excited to announce a new addition to our MJER Help team!  Kathy Gadalinski is our friend from culinary school at Kendall College.  She is an amazing chef and we are over the moon to have her on our team!  

Kathy's biography:

Kathy and Michelle met on the first day of culinary school and were cooking partners for three quarters.  We are excited to have her on the MJER Help team! 

Kathy Gadalinski is a June 2016 graduate of the Kendall College Accelerated Associates of Culinary Arts Program. Prior to pursuing her culinary degree Kathy worked professionally as a social worker in the city of Chicago for over 16 years. Her service oriented background, tenacity, and teachable spirit coupled with a passion for the culinary arts make Kathy an asset to any organization.

Kathy has the ability to work quickly and effectively both independently and as part of a team. She is regarded by her instructors and peers as organized, dependable and hard working as she posses the ability to make smart decisions in fast paced environments. 

Kathy is eager to learn and is excited to create. Her training has provided the skills, knowledge and confidence for advancement in the culinary world. She completed her internship at Spiaggia, an upscale Italian Restaurant in downtown Chicago, and is now inspired by the opportunity with MJER Help.